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To keep the natural stone in your home looking beautiful, you need to protect it

from substances that could affect its appearance.

natural stone must be sealed


It’s crucial that any natural stone surface is sealed before use, to protect the stone from the elements over time, mitigating the risk of permanent blemishing. A natural sealant will penetrate the stone, allowing it to retain its naturally beautiful colours, tones and feel.

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Types of stone that should be sealed:

The importance of stone sealing and cleaning often depends on the location and the type of stone. In general all stone should be sealed in order to protect it.

Some limestones and all sandstone require extra care, protection and hardening treatments specifically around pool wet areas.


Sealing floors is an important investment because stone is naturally porous therefore absorbs liquids and materials in the surface of the stone and grout. 

We use a small selection of premium products to maintain your stone.

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